Prometheus FAB®

The Prometheus FAB® has been designed to be used with the Prometheus Pelvic Splint (PPS) to act as a Femoral Access Bridge (FAB). The Prometheus FAB® allows the central strap of the PPS to be cut and removed without loss of the splinting effect in order to improve access to the femoral and inguinal regions whilst maintaining tension and support from the PPS. 

Mode of Action

  • PPS is applied to the patient as per the device instructions
  • Place the Prometheus FAB® over the blue triangular anchors of the PPS and repeat for the opposite side
  • Tighten the two straps until the tension is equal to the existing blue strap
  • Cut the blue strap at the edge of the yellow belt on both sides and remove


  • 2 x Polyester sections with velcro backing measuring 220mm x 185mm 
  • 2 x Polyester straps with green tabs measuring 600mm

Product Code

  • PDF120