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Mass Casualty Treatment Pack

The Mass Casualty Treatment Pack is a comprehensive and easily deployable major incident pack containing essential medical equipment for use in any major incident scenario. This pack is designed by pre-hospital emergency care experts with considerable experience in major incident planning and provision and is for use as part of the major incident plan by Major Incident Response Teams from both NHS Hospital and Ambulance Trusts.

The Mass Casualty Treatment Pack can be supplied packed or unpacked, and can treat up to 100 mixed priority patients. 

Key Features

  • Removable labelled and colour-coded individual pouches for ease of use
  • Large insert pouch provides the skilled responder with comprehensive advanced airway and breathing equipment
  • Configured to include a large quantity of useful high quality items such as triage cards, major haemorrhage dressings and airway adjuncts
  • Packed contents include basic and advanced airway and breathing, intraosseous, IV fluids, major haemorrhage control, splinting, laryngeal mask airways (LMAs) and scene management diagnostics


  • Dimensions
    62.00cm x 68.00cm x 44.00cm
  • Weight (Full Pack)

Product Code

  • Empty: PR0215
  • Complete: PRO215com