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Leg Sleeves

The leg SIMSLEEVES are a great way of providing wounds in a quick, easy and safe way without the need to spend time on creating wounds or actors being in make-up. The wounds are built into the sleeves, coloured and textured, all that is needed is fresh blood effects.

Key Features

  • Splashproof and washable skin
  • Realistic built in wounds
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Robust and durable
  • Skin tone options

Product Code

  • Thigh major trauma wound: TR0362
  • Ankle acid burns: TR0352
  • Ankle full thickness burns: TR0343
  • Ankle gunshot wound: TR0353
  • Ankle open fracture: TR0336
  • Heel ulcer: TR0356
  • Leg bruising: TR0309
  • Leg full thickness burns: TR0332
  • Leg glass in wound: TR0368
  • Leg gunshot wound: TR0318
  • Leg infected wound: TR0328
  • Leg major trauma wound: TR0330
  • Leg medium ulcer: TR0346
  • Leg multiple lacerations: TR0348
  • Leg open fracture: TR0326
  • Thigh full thickness burns: TR0335
  • Thigh gunshot wound: TR0317
  • Thigh infected surgical wound: TR0357
  • Thigh open fracture: TR0329
  • Thigh stab wound: TR0342