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Simulation Accessories

The blood products create realistic simulated blood, able to create drips, smears and dries just like real blood. Use sticky blood A and B to keep silicone wounds looking fresh including the SIMSLEEVES and SIMWOUNDS. The floor blood concentrate can have water added to it to dilute, to be used on floors, clothing and running through blood pumps. All blood has safe ingredients and will wash off skin without causing staining or irritation to the skin.

Make-up and silicone are a great and easy way to create fast and realistic effects for bruises, cuts and other simulation effects. 


Key Features

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Robust and durable


  • Face blood
  • Sticky blood A
  • Sticky blood B
  • Blood capsules
  • Floor blood concentrate
  • Fresh scab blood
  • Thick blood scab


  • Simulated intestines
  • Soft glass

Bruise, Burns and Blisters

  • Bruise wheel
  • Colour activator pallet kit
  • Shock colour
  • Burn wheel
  • Black colour
  • Bruise gel red, blue, purple
  • Colour spray

Silicone and SIMSCULPT

  • Nose and scar wax
  • Setting powder 120gm
  • Cosmetic silicone
  • SIMSCULPT light flesh
  • SIMSCLUPT dark flesh
  • Silicone pigment 4 colour set

Tools, Accessories and Removers

  • Stipple sponge
  • Sweat application sponge
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Large sponge x2
  • Disposable paper pots
  • Shaping tool
  • None latex sponges
  • Adhesive remover