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SIMSLEEVES Nursing and Wound Care

The Nursing and Wound Care kit contains a range of 11 SIMSLEEVES to simulate injuries, wounds and medical conditions required for realistic nursing simulations suitable for manikins and standardised patients. They are a UK produced rip resistant full silicone sleeve, that can be pulled onto any arm, leg or body for a quick, robust and realistic multiple injury simulation effect. All SIMSLEEVES are made with skin safe, prosthetic grade platinum silicone and does emit natural migration of non-hazardous oils, wash hands with soap and water after handling.

The wounds are built into the sleeves, coloured and textured, we recommend using a small amount of sticky blood A and sweat and tears to make the wounds look more realistic. All SIMSLEEVES are handmade to order and are sized as a medium adult fit and come in a pale flesh tone as standard. Other skin tones and size options are available; please enquire to discuss specific requirements.


Key Features

  • Splashproof and washable skin
  • Realistic built in wounds
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Robust and durable
  • Skin tone options


  • Leg sleeves
  • Pressure ulcer heel – medium exuding
  • Pressure ulcer heel – cavity/highly exuding
  • Pressure ulcer to lower leg – medium exuding
  • Pressure ulcer to lower leg – cavity/highly exuding
  • Infected surgical thigh wound (fasciotomy)
  • Infected leg wound


  • Arm sleeves
  • Cigarette burns and old scars
  • Severe arm lacerations
  • Cannulation sleeve
  • Lower arm acid burn


  • Toe sleeves
  • Pair of necrotic toes with nails