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Prometheus Q-POD®

The Prometheus Q‐POD® is an isolation system for transporting a suspected infectious patient requiring monitoring during transport. The isolation chamber is at negative pressure with respect to the surrounding environment to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from escaping. Negative pressure is maintained by a filter motor attached to the feet end of the Q‐POD®. The chamber was designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. Its compact size makes it easy to transport.

The chamber is made from airtight 300 micron crystal clear polyurethane and airtight yellow polyurethane. An airtight zip fastener allows the chamber to be opened and closed. During the manufacturing process, the chamber undergoes a 5‐hour air tightness test under positive pressure.

Key Features

  • Input and output filters - filters toxic, carcinogenic, and low‐level radioactive particles 99.95% of particles between 0.3lpm and 30lpm
  • Patient manipulation is made possible by the inclusion of a pair of neoprene gloves that comply with the P.P.E Directive (category 3)
  • Two stoppers with sealing foam allow the passage of cables/oxygen pipes and infusion lines


  • Dimensions
    206.00cm x 75.00cm x 51.00cm
  • Pack Dimensions
    90.00cm x 45.00cm x 10.00cm
  • Weight

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