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Corius Seal™

The Corius Seal™ is a non-sterile adhesive hydrogel wound dressing, designed to cover and protect acute wounds
whilst absorbing wound exudate. The Corius Seal™ has the ability to cover both large and small wounds, with
a borderless design allowing multiple devices to be used by placing them edge to edge. The dressing features
removable silicone coated plastic liners, allowing users to apply easily to patients. The Corius Seal™ can be used for up
to 24 hours, and is easily removed.

Key Features

  • Hydrogel adheres to skin, yet is still easily removable, allowing the seal to stick, and stay stuck
  • Removable plastic liners aid with easy application
  • Non-woven spunlace backing is flexible, allowing users to manipulate the device until positioned correctly
  • Hydrogel absorbs wound exudate, helping to prevent skin maceration
  • Robust performance under extreme environmental conditions
  • Covers and protects acute wounds, which helps to prevent further harm and lowers risk of infection
  • Dressing is made from breathable materials
  • Natural rubber latex free
  • Single use


  • Dimensions
    20cm x 15cm

Product Code

  • PDF200