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PRO SIMBODIES Thoracotomy Full Body Trainer

PRO SIMBODIES Thoracotomy Trainer is a procedural, repairable and operable biofidelic manikin that provides new immersive training options for clinical educators and practitioners of emergency medical care. Adaptable, portable and realistic, this manikin can deliver surgical training opportunities in a range of austere emergency training environments. It can be cut open, operated on and sutured back together using standard surgical equipment. 

PRO SIMBODIES is the result of over 3 years of intense interdisciplinary research and development by a team of designers, scientists, clinicians and surgeons from across the UK, led by researchers at Nottingham Trent University. Beginning with medical imaging data of living patients, 3D reconstruction software (Mimics IS) captured organ morphology in its living state. High-definition 3D printing and cutting-edge post processing techniques using synthetic viscoelastic gels and fibres were then validated by surgeons to reflect the varying palpability of each soft tissue type. It is this novel tactility and visual engagement that helps create a truly immersive, yet safe learning environment.

PRO SIMBODIES have anatomically correct airways, and oesophagus, which can be intubated and lungs that can be ventilated. The beating heart (manually pumped) and pericardium can simulate a realistic cardiac tamponade and can be accessed via a fully repairable clamshell thoracotomy. Simulated drugs and fluids can be administered via intravenous using the Cannulation Sleeve or in the intraosseous insertion sites. The bodies also feature a realistic thoracic skeleton a replaceable sternum and detailed skin, fat and subcutaneous tissues, all complete with varying palpability and realistic colour.  

Training potential: this is a global innovation in medical education with potential to have a hugely meaningful impact on society. Improving clinical competency and operative outcomes without endangering patients and immediate benefits of application. Successful user trials with the Military, Air Ambulance and Emergency Trauma Departments have led to many improvements. Other benefits include; implantable device development, remote/robotic surgery training surrogates, impact safety equipment design (ballistics, sports and automotive).

Ethics statement: important ethical and religious taboos are simply mitigated using our PRO SIMBODIES. All products are 100% synthetic and skin safe.

All PRO SIMBODIES are hand finished creating lifelike skin texture and colour, body hair and eyes; this is what makes medical students believe they are treating real-life casualties.


Key Features

  • To educate and realistically practice clamshell thoracotomy, pericardial tamponade and suturing
  • Intraosseous insertions in the bilateral humeral head & tibia
  • Needle Decompression
  • Chest Drain
  • Skin safe, prosthetic grade, platinum silicone
  • Robust & re-usable
  • Splashproof and washable skin
  • Available in both a full body and torso task trainer
  • Hand finished in the UK
  • Closed eye lids capable of manual opening
  • Ability to perform basic airway training
  • Integrated pelvis
  • Available to hire and purchase.


  • Dimensions
    186cm x 60cm x 30cm
  • Weight
  • Male only

Product Code

  • Full Body: TR0290