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Laerdal® Paediatric Pocket Mask

Children are not just little adults. They have unique features that require unique equipment. The Laerdal® Paediatric Pocket Mask has been designed to address the different anatomical needs of the paediatric patient while providing the efficacy and protection appreciated by the rescuer.

Utilising the same low-resistance one-way valve as the traditional Laerdal® Pocket Mask in combination with a transparent soft silicone mask, the Laerdal® Paediatric Pocket Mask is an excellent companion for the professional rescuer and first responder who have contact with infants and children.

Key Features

  • One-way valve acts as an additional barrier separating rescuer and patient
  • Distance from patient allows visualization of chest rise and fall
  • Can be used in CPR instruction courses to teach mouth-to-barrier ventilation
  • Soft pack carry case with belt strap and clip
  • Gloves and wipe included for additional rescuer protection
  • All components are latex-free

Product Code

  • FDE10011