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Thoracic Repair Kit

This kit comes with all PRO SIMBODIES purchases but can also be purchased once you require new kit. 


  • X10 Replaceable Sternum inserts
  • X1 Roll of Silicone repair tape
  • X1 400ml Silicone Set A & B: Organ Colour
  • X1 400ml Silicone Set A & B: Skin Colour – Body Code 019AUG18G
  • X1 400ml Silicone Set A & B: Fat Colour
  • X1 500mls SIMBLOOD OIL
  • X1 Tub of cleaning and blending wipes
  • X1 Yellow cleaning sponge
  • X1 250mls Isopropyl Alcohol
  • X1 Scissors
  • X2 Syringes
  • X1 Cling Film
  • X1 Packet of pins
  • X3 Curved needles
  • X1 Skin coloured thread
  • X1 Yellow coloured thread
  • X1 Red coloured thread
  • X50 Paper mixing pots
  • X20 Wooden mixing spatulas
  • X2 White silicone mixing spatulas
  • X6 Clear mixing spatulas

Product Code

  • TR0158