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Blood Accessories

The blood products create realistic simulated blood, able to create drips, smears and dries just like real blood. Use sticky blood A and B to keep silicone wounds looking fresh for the SIMSLEEVES and SIMWOUNDS. The floor blood concentrate can have water added to it to dilute, to be used on floors, clothing and running through blood pumps. All blood has safe ingredients and will wash off skin without causing staining or irritation to the skin.

Product Code

  • Blood capsules: TR0145
  • Face blood: TR0116
  • Floor blood concentrate: TR0117
  • Fresh scab blood: TR0118
  • Sticky blood A 250ml: TR0103
  • Sticky blood A 1000ml: TR0130
  • Sticky blood B 250ml: TR0104
  • Sticky blood B 1000ml: TR0120
  • Thick blood: TR0105