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Ranger Medic Handbook

The Ranger Medic Handbook, Fourth Edition is the latest official medical reference of the 75th Ranger Regiment’s Tactical Healthcare Professionals. Content & convenience make this pocket-sized volume the medic’s choice. Clear, concise & well-organized sections cover everything from tactical combat casualty care to packing lists.

The newly updated Ranger Medic Handbook 4th Edition includes more than 100 new pages of content and features updated Trauma Protocols, Tactical Medical Emergency Protocols, Pharmacology, Casualty Operations and Planning, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care updates. This significant update provides an efficient medical reference, expanding on both Trauma and Medical Emergency Considerations for providers at various levels.

All proceeds from the sale of the handbook go to a Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Key Features

  • Pocket-sized format
  • Durable 12 mil UltraFilm cover
  • Tear-resistant & waterproof pages of 6 mil paper


  • Dimensions
    H 19.05cm x W 16.51cm x D 3.18cm
  • Weight
    623.69g (1lb 6oz)

Product Code

  • NAZZ-0194