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QinFlow Warrior Fluid Warmer

Heavy duty and highly reliable portable blood and IV fluid warming device from QinFlow, capable of warming fluids from any input temperature to 38°C in real time, even at high flow rates and cold environmental conditions

Leveraging on its state-of-the-art patented technology, the QiF-01 “Warrior” blood and IV fluid warming device is the only field-operated, real-time portable solution capable of warming fluids from any input temperature up to 38°C, even at high flow rates. It delivers an unparalleled capacity of warmed fluids per single battery, even at high flows. 

Key Features

  • Innovative - Patented technology; best weight/warm-fluid performance ratios, the Warrior provides two to threefold fluid warming capacity for a single battery
  • Intelligent - State-of-the-art temperature and safety capabilities to identify reversed flow, air bubbles, or blockages
  • High precision - +/-2ºC; immediate warming
  • Highly reliable - Robust design for extremely rugged environments
  • Commercially affordable - Superb price-performance ratio
  • Truly portable - Light weight; small form factor


  • Weight (Full Pack)
    1,733g (Base Unit – 700g, Disposable Unit – 125g, Battery – 908g)
  • Battery Li-ion, 22.2V (nominal) 4,600mAh
  • 24V / 3A (extended battery: 5A)

  • Capacity: 3 litres at 4ºC fluid input temperature; 5 litres at 20ºC fluid input temperature

  • Flow rate: supporting highest venflon flow-rate (up to 200ml at 4ºC fluid input temperature and up to 290ml at 20ºC fluid input temperature) in gravity flow

  • Warming speed: 11 seconds

Product Code

  • QPORT1000