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HPMK® - Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit

The patented HPMK® is reinforced with a heat reflective shell, it's strong, flexible, lightweight & impervious to wind & rain. The kit’s ruggedized outer shell, is constructed of a 4-ply, composite fabric with a protected non-conductive reflective layer that provides excellent thermal insulation. Rapid 360° access to the casualty with minimal exposure to the elements is achieved through the use of 1.5 in. continuous Velcro® closures located along the perimeter of the covering.

The Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit also features a built-in hood, fluid absorption pad & top-to-bottom tapered shape to maximize isothermal capabilities. The heat-generating source of the HPMK® is a self-heating, oxygen-activated shell liner designed to sustain 10 hours of continuous dry heat (no external power supply required). This low cube kit is vacuum-packaged in a rugged, pliable pouch featuring NAR’s Red Tip Technology® with tabs that allow easy access and rapid deployment.

Note: litter not included.

Key Features

  • Heat Reflective Shell (HRS™) with Built-in-Hood allows for 360° access to the casualty
  • Self-heating shell liner providing up to 6 hours of continuous dry heat
  • Provides temperature to 41°C
  • Built in hood for total protection
  • Hook and loop closures for greater weather protection during standard and non-standard casualty evacuation
  • Durable packing to protect self-activating heating elements
  • Vacuum-packed for a low-cube footprint
  • Quick-rip tabs for easy access and rapid deployment
  • Contents: 1 x Heat Reflective Shell (HRS™) with built-in hood, 1 x Self-heating shell liner, 1 x Plastic vacuum bag


  • Dimensions
    Heat Reflective Shell (Open): 109.22cm x 198.12cm
  • Pack Dimensions
    26.67cm x 17.15cm x 13.97cm
  • Weight

Product Code

  • NA80-0027

NSN Number

  • 6515-01-532-8056