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JETT™ - Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool

The Junctional Emergency Treatment Tool (JETT™) includes two pressure devices in a single tool, allowing for simultaneous occlusion of blood flow to both lower limbs (bilateral) with an easy to apply, pre-assembled, ready-to-use belt solution. High extremity wounds in the thigh/groin region where tourniquets cannot be placed or are less effective, require equipment such as the JETT™. The unique design of the JETT™ allows for patient transport while the device is in place and includes a lanyard and toggle solution to ensure that the windlass axle does not loosen due to vibration or bumps during transport.

Key Features

  • Compact, lightweight and ruggedized for use in the tactical environment
  • Pre-assembles, ready-to-use and easy-to-apply at or near the point of injury
  • Simultaneous occlusion of blood flow to both lower limbs that does not impede respiration
  • 2 compression pads, pre-positioned and individually adjustable, allow for individual or bilateral activation, based on the patient's injuries
  • Fits up to a 50" waist


  • Weight
    0.680kg (1lb 8oz)

Product Code

  • NA30-0088

NSN Number

  • 6515-01-616-5841