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Ambu® King Mask

The Ambu® King Mask has been developed with benefits for both clinicians and patients. The quality design and manufacturing process ensures a thin and tacky cushion that adjusts well to the face. Together with the teardrop shape of the mask, clinicians can get a ventilation seal with minimal pressure to the patient’s face. The quality resin makes the dome very clear for easy observation of the patient’s condition.

The smooth finish with no hard edges and the grooved cushion ensure a consistent and tactile grip.

The Ambu® King Mask is also available in a scented version with Fresh Scent, Bubble Gum, Strawberry and Cherry scents. The Sweet Dreams™ masks release soothing aroma from natural oils in the mask cushion. This can have a calming effect during induction, especially for children.

Key Features

  • Comfortable - cushion is pliable and tacky to the touch, for an excellent face seal
  • Anatomically shaped cuff enabling a tight seal with minimum applied pressure
  • Clear dome for easy observation of the patient’s condition
  • Ribbed on top of the cushion, for a no-slip grip
  • Flexible dome
  • Latex free
  • Phthalate-free material

Product Code

  • Neonate: FDD3801
  • Infant: FDD3802
  • Toddler: FDD3803
  • Child/Small Adult: FDD3804
  • Medium Adult: FDD3805
  • Large Adult: FDD3806
  • XL Adult: FDD3807