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1st Response™ Paediatric Manual Resuscitators

The design of the Portex® 1st Response™ Paediatric Manual Resuscitators helps enhance performance. Composed of lightweight clear materials, it’s easy to see and monitor bag performance without losing sight of your patient.

The low (<7ml) dead-space patient valve assembly, pressure limiting valve (PLV), and manometer port with tethered caps gives you the flexibility you demand and features you require to provide the best care for your patients.

Key Features

  • Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) and Manometer Port
  • PLV pre-set to 40cn H2O/4kPa limit
  • Tethered caps for PLV and manometer ports allow for PLV override and airway pressure monitoring
  • 30mm I.D. exhalation port accepts Portex® PEEP valve and exhalation filter
  • Low Dead-Space Patient Valve with Integral Swivel Connector
  • Low dead-space design (<7 mL) for reduced volume rebreathing
  • The swivel connector rotates to allow for improved positioning of the resuscitator, giving you a greater range of motion and reduced airway torque

Product Code

  • Resuscitation Bag with tethered Dust Cap 40cm H2O pressure relief Valve and Manometer Port with tethered Caps, Reservoir Bag Child Mask: RE0321