Russell PneumoFix®-8 Videos

Russell PneumoFix®-8

The Russell PneumoFix®-8 is a sterile chest decompression device designed for the management of tension pneumothorax, simple pneumothorax and pleural effusion by appropriately trained medical professionals.

With no fuss and no over-engineering, the Russell PneumoFix®-8 provides a cost-effective, simple and intuitive solution to allow this life-threatening condition to be dealt with quickly and effectively for the benefit of the patient.

Key Features

  • Veress tip and indicator device to assist safe insertion with minimal risk of injuring underlying lung tissue
  • Low pressure one-way release valve, permits the release of tension pneumothorax with minimal potential of subsequent air re-entry
  • Catheter designed to have minimal risk of kinking
  • 14-gauge catheter allows for rapid venting of air in tension pneumothorax
  • Depth markings printed on surface and radio-opaque allows for depth recording and to be seen on X-ray imaging
  • Catheter tip holes to maximise drainage ability and minimise top occlusion
  • Hub to needle connection that allows user own preference for gripping the device during use
  • 8cm long catheter


  • Pack Dimensions
    22.50cm x 4.60cm

Product Code

  • PDF109