Surviving Adventure Course

2 days

The Surviving Adventure™ course has been designed to give individuals with little or no medical experience, the confidence and understanding to manage an emergency medical situation when travelling off the beaten track or in a remote environment. The course runs over two days and aims to give an understanding of how to react to and manage a medical emergency. The course is ideally suited to individuals or groups undertaking independent travel to remote locations, adventure motorcycling or an adventure race.

Surviving Adventure is high energy and very ‘hands on’ and, once the practicals and initial lectures are complete, the course progresses to a series of fully realistic exercises. These are designed to give first-hand experience of what an emergency situation feels like, and how to manage one from start to finish. Key to the whole course is the fact that each and every lecture and scenario is presented by a medic, mountaineer or former Special Forces member who has encountered such a scenario first hand.

Course Content

To train the adventure traveller and outdoor enthusiast to manage a medical emergency while off the beaten path or in a remote location.

The syllabus includes:
Role of the first aider
First aid kits & emergency medical equipment
Safety at scene
Recognition and management of haemorrhage
Assessment and management of breathing problems
Assessment and management of circulation problems
Assessment and management of fractures
Casualty evacuation and stretchers
Management of burns
Assessment and management of hypothermia
Adult choking
Basic Life Support
Recovery position
Recognition and management of common medical emergencies
Wilderness survival and health care in remote areas
Entry Criteria

No prior qualifications are required.



Prometheus Medical Certification

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