We make sure your people are prepared for any medical situation. Our world-class medical support provision is tailored to each case, its context and environment. We design, implement and support bespoke, comprehensive packages to address specific medical challenges.

Our clients trust Prometheus Medical to promote health and preserve life in the face of varied and complex medical needs. Operating from our head office in the UK, we’re a trusted provider to clients all over the world, delivering both sustained support packages and one-off assignments.

Choose your industry to find out to benefit from our 360-degree approach and ensure the right resources are in place for your environment:



We focus on emergency preparedness and are dedicated to supplying people with the knowledge and power to save lives no matter their experience level. 


Business & Industry

In the face of adversity, we are only as strong as the members of our team. Prometheus Medical are committed to empowering people with skills that apply beyond the workplace.


Emergency Services

Emergency medical responders are fundamental to public health and community safety, including at concert halls, sporting events and festival gatherings.



As an industry, the gas, oil, nuclear & renewable energy sector faces some of the strictest and most heavily governed safety regulations.



We support maritime industries with their emergency preparedness in high-risk, volatile environments, whether part of a commercial or private business.

Military Equipment

Security & Defence

Private security for notable clientele or assets involves extensive training and discretion. 



Travel, work and play can take our clients to any number of locations and environments, where quality medical care may be difficult or impossible to access.