Medical evacuation

Coordinating the next step

Promoting the best possible outcome

Even with the very highest levels of preparation, some scenarios require a trauma response that goes beyond what on-site medics can achieve. In which case, our medical evacuation service supports your on-site responders and provides rapid removal of the patient to an appropriate hospital setting.

• Situations where fast and safe evacuation is critical

• Remote environment where reaching further care is difficult

• Hostile environments where on-site treatment is dangerous

Once the patient is securely in our care, we go above and beyond to ensure their proper treatment. From liaising with the treating doctor, right through to securing a hospital bed, you can trust our dedication to preserving life.

In the event of death, we arrange for repatriation, with due sensitive handling of the case.

Needs Analysis 2

Comprehensive needs analysis


The very first step of our service is an in-depth review of your current medical kit and capabilities from every possible angle.

ask experts

Obtain the next level of care

We make it simple to connect first responders with hospitals, providing patients with the full spectrum of care anywhere in the world.

clinical expertise

Clinical excellence in all environments

Our clinicians gained their experience in some of the toughest places on earth, and are therefore capable of helping to preserve life in any environment.

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