Deployed medics


Clinical excellence, on call

Your medical team on the ground

Plan for any scenario with the utmost confidence that medical needs will be met. Our deployed medics range from first responders to surgeons trained to an exceptional degree of specialism. No matter how general or specific the assistance you need, you’ll have medical support on call, experienced in the demands of your specific environment.

Whether for a one-off event or a long-term contract, you can build a team of expert nurses, doctors and consultants ready to treat at a moment’s notice. And all supported by Prometheus Reachback, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Needs Analysis 2

Comprehensive needs analysis

The very first step of our service is an in-depth review of your current medical kit and capabilities from every possible angle.


As and when you need us

Dependent on your organisation’s needs, our medics can be deployed to support specific expeditions or events, or on a long-term contractual basis.

clinical expertise

Hand-picked clinicians

We only work with the best. Clients all over the world count on us for medical help support in unusual, sensitive and demanding circumstances.

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