Prometheus Medical has extensive experience providing tailored medical solutions in high-risk, volatile settings with increased health risk. We support maritime industries in their emergency preparedness with uniquely customised services based on operations. Whether it is commercial or private business, we are committed to providing the highest quality resources available to address traumatic incidents specific to the maritime industry. Our experts ensure a bespoke and dependable service is provided, allowing your business to excel in meeting industry standards, mitigate risk and ultimately save lives.

In an emergency, every minute is critical to the patient’s outcome. Prometheus Reachback is an advanced telemedical support system that provides direct access to remote consultations for all forms of medical issues, from primary care to emergency conditions. Our doctors help the team on the ground with clinical decision-making, data analysis, and judgements about evacuation or onward care.

Our experts ensure a bespoke and dependable service is provided, allowing your business to excel industry standards, mitigate risk and ultimately save lives. 

Reachback is supported by UK-based, consultant-level Prometheus doctors skilled in pre-hospital medicine, emergency care and remote medicine. Each call is connected directly to a physician experienced in dealing with complex emergency cases in environments relevant to the client. All our Reachback clinicians know and understand the specific circumstances, capabilities and constraints of clinical care in each location we support.

Our unique telemedical service gives clients a direct line to a senior Prometheus Medical clinician, with no intermediate call handling or triage system; it has a robust resilience system to ensure no call is ever left unanswered. Day-to-day care supports the treatment of non-urgent conditions, and telemedicine video consultations allow direct contact between patient and doctor, with a response guaranteed within 24 hours.


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Every course and lesson covers critical interventions that make a real difference to patient outcomes. They comprise limited lecture time and prioritise hands-on experience, to help vital skills become second nature. For a truly immersive experience and more effective learning, we create bespoke scenarios to illuminate critical aspects of using clinical skills in the real world.