Travel, work and play can take our clients to any number of locations and environments, where quality medical care may be difficult or impossible to access. A Prometheus Medical deployed medic provides a high level of skill, knowledge and capability relevant to your environment when domestic help may not be immediately available. Our private clients count on us for world-class medical support. Provision is tailored to each case, its context and environment. We design, implement and support bespoke, comprehensive packages to address specific medical challenges.

Whether for a one-off assignment or longer-term support, be assured of the best possible care from personnel with impeccable credentials, chosen for their clinical specialisms and relevant experience. Highly trained, clinically skilled medics hand-picked for the client and task at hand, offer extensive operational experience in unique environments. Our medical experts are personal, discreet and caring, working to establish clinical excellence above everything: we only work with the best. You can rely on leading clinical expertise, on-call, wherever it’s needed.

Our medical experts are personal, discreet and caring, working to establish clinical excellence above everything.

Prometheus Medical conducts clinical effectiveness to identify best practice and ensure that medical responders are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council or other appropriate governing body and undertake self-regulation to support safe practice within their professional requirements.

We undertake information management to implement and monitor secure record-keeping, ensuring records are held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Caldicott guidelines, or other relevant legislation to your locale.


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Every course and lesson covers critical interventions that make a real difference to patient outcomes. They comprise limited lecture time and prioritise hands-on experience, to help vital skills become second nature. For a truly immersive experience and more effective learning, we create bespoke scenarios to illuminate critical aspects of using clinical skills in the real world.