Prometheus Medical join The Grenadier Walk of Oman

Prometheus Medical are proud to announce that they are official sponsors of The Grenadier Walk of Oman, a 400km expedition completed by a six-man team of currently serving and ex-service personnel, powered by the leading military charity Walking With The Wounded.

On October 10th, the team of five ex-military personnel and one currently serving – each with mental or physical injuries – will be tackling a 400km walk through Pen-Y-Fan and the historic Thames Path, starting at the Omani Embassy in London, in Belgravia. Prometheus Medical is providing a medic, Stuart Plumbley, to accompany the team on their journey and treat any situations that may arise, fully prepared with equipment to provide emergency care when needed most. Despite their life-changing injuries, they will be completing the 400km challenge in half the time than the previous expeditions, in just 21 days. This demonstrates their extraordinary resilience and dedication to raising funds for the charity. The team is taking part to emphasize the remarkable bravery and determination of veterans who have been wounded or injured whilst serving their countries and highlight the support needed when they return home.

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex who is supporting the challenge as the official Expedition Patron, said, "The team at Walking With The Wounded understand that it's not about where you walk — it's about walking together with a common purpose and shared mission. These men and women know what service is, they've seen and overcome adversity, and they won't let obstacles get in their way. They are paragons of inspiration for communities everywhere. We wish them good luck and good weather."

Walking With The Wounded is an incredible charity that supports those who have served in the Armed Forces and their families, empowering them to regain their independence by delivering life-changing employment, mental health and care coordination programmes. In addition, the charity develops initiatives in partnership with the NHS to support veterans that are physically, mentally, or socially disadvantaged and deliver significant social impact.

Walking With The Wounded's outstanding support for those that have served their country is the reason why Prometheus Medical chose to support this incredible challenge with expert medical assistance. Prometheus Medical (part of Safeguard Medical) has years of experience supporting the military with elite medical training and consultancy. Prometheus Medical also supports major industries, private companies, individual clients, emergency responders and charitable organizations.

In addition to its programmes, Walking with the Wounded is famous for its fundraising expeditions to demonstrate the veterans' hope, determination, resilience, and skills. These have included ventures to the North Pole (2011), Mount Everest (2012), the South Pole (2013), Walk of Britain (2015), Walk of America (2018) and now the Walk of Oman (2021).

Prometheus Medical wish the team good luck for the expedition, and we will continue to share updates on how they get on - stay tuned!