Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Courses

Tailored in every aspect

Standard qualifications provide an essential clinical foundation but don’t necessarily prepare medics for nuance and specific demands of a given field scenario. Let us help you manage medical need and account for challenges unique to your organization, activities, industry, and environment, with a bespoke training program.

How we work

We take a holistic look at your ecosystem of training needs, and design, develop and deliver a program that fully supports your responders and clinicians.

We leave no eventuality unexplored, offering recommendations on everything from specific educational modules, medical effects and patient care pathways, to management, planning and remote medical backup on the ground.

Every bespoke course is Prometheus Medical certificated. Where bespoke courses incorporate off-the-shelf elements, they are accredited by respected external bodies such as the Advanced Life Support Group and the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

We build accredited courses to help:

• with any aspect of medical need

• at every skill and experience level

• in every industry

• in every environment, no matter how simple or hostile

• anywhere in the world


Any scenario

With decades of public, private, operational and expeditionary medical experience in hostile and unusual environments, we’re perfectly placed to build a training package that covers your needs, however specific or demanding. We create world-class training for any scenario, from oil rigs to schools, private yachts to corporate offices, battlefields to helicopters.

Any requirement

Our facilities make anything possible–no request is too big, small or strange. We deliver realistic training simulations everywhere, from deserts in the Middle East to the snow-covered landscapes of the arctic Circle to the Savannah. We own or arrange space(s), access specialist equipment, and provide a unique clinical experience with the ethical use of cadavers for advanced medical educational pathways. On our private sites, we can recreate immersive drills involving fires, explosions – even night exercises under infra-red light at our location in the UK.

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World-class training, anywhere

Global capabilities

Our facilitators are experienced in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet, and we deliver high-quality training experiences all over the world. On-location training supports medics to build confidence and expertise in challenges particular to certain terrain and environments.

Specialist support

Support your people and build on standard qualifications with bespoke specialist training relevant to your specific tasks and environments. The areas below provide a sense of how we can help–the list is by no means exhaustive.

Medical and trauma management

Equip responders with the tools, techniques and procedures to safely plan for and handle trauma and other medical needs, at specific points, or throughout the whole patient care pathway.

Management of paediatric emergencies

Build on medics’ standard training with specific, in-depth insight into the unique challenges of child and infant emergency healthcare.

Mental health and wellbeing

Considering the impact of certain environments and activities on mental health fosters a whole-person approach to medical care and to personnel management.

Maritime medicine and remote medical support

Address the specific obstacles, risks and parameters at play when providing medical treatment at sea, and give medics confidence in how to work with remote support.

We offer the gold standard in UK pre-hospital medical training, across the full spectrum of care

medical advisory


First response training for day-to-day contexts in law enforcement, community medics, high threat security teams and corporate staff.



Specialist medical education in the complexities of treating a patient in transit and moving between care contexts.



Further and enhanced training for healthcare professionals, right up to consultant level, because we know personal development never stops

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