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Being a nurse is a privilege and an opportunity for so much good.

Ellie Morgan

Clinical Lead UK (Assistant Medical Director)

I became a registered nurse in 1998, having completed my training in Oxford. I initially worked in the NHS, at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London, on a surgical ward and in the emergency department. Having also joined the Army reserves in 1998 as a Nursing Officer, I undertook my first operational deployment in 1999 to Kosovo, working in the UK Field Hospital. After this deployment had given me a taste for adventure and challenge in my nursing role, I decided to make my military nursing role a full time one and joined the Regular Army in 2001 as a Nursing Officer. I undertook various roles at military medical units in the UK.

Further deployments followed other assignments to overseas locations, ranging from field hospitals and pre-hospital remote care to multi-national deployed medical facilities. In addition, I served with frontline specialist medical units, where my role was dedicated to providing pre-hospital emergency care and deployed hospital care. I have been involved in extensive medical planning, clinical governance, training, and leadership during my military career across the pre-hospital, primary and secondary care spectrum. Leaving military service in 2018, I joined Prometheus Medical in the same year and continue to use and build the skills and experience grown over 20 years of nursing.

What I find most interesting about my job is meeting new people and helping to make a real difference in their lives, empowering them to live well, ensuring they receive the care they need. Being a nurse is a privilege and an opportunity for so much good. Nursing is not simply about the patient-facing bedside manner but playing an essential part in a broader, multi-disciplinary team, supporting and enabling delivery of the best possible care, no matter the location. Therefore, it is crucial to take a collaborative approach and work as part of a team.

I am happiest spending time with my family and friends - to relax, I enjoy cooking and gardening, and when opportunity allows skiing or surfing.

Prometheus Medical works with the highest integrity and values, upholding a deservedly brilliant reputation for making a difference - and that's why I'm here.