About Us

We deliver unrivalled bespoke emergency medical support in the form of specialist medical equipment, medical training, strategic advice and deployed clinical care.


Established in 2005, Prometheus Medical is a specialist medical company delivering unrivalled emergency medical support in the form of medical training, equipment, strategic advice and deployed clinical care, individually tailored to meet customers’ specific needs.

The company has subsidiaries in UK, Ireland, Middle East, South Africa, Norway and Australia. 

We are known for our ethos of clinical excellence, which begins at the top and permeates throughout the entire organisation. Our team has extensive clinical expertise in pre-hospital trauma care, major incident and disaster management, primary care and expeditionary medicine.

Prometheus supports major industry, private companies, individual clients, National Health Service trusts, military and law enforcement organisations and charitable organisations, all of which value us for our responsiveness, reliability and after-sales service.

Prometheus is unusual in being able to offer a comprehensive range of medical services, including planning and system development, equipment provision, medical management, and staff training, which can be procured separately or as a fully integrated support package as required.  We believe that no other medical company has such well respected international credibility in this field.

Quality and innovation underpins everything we do – Prometheus is a certified ISO9001 and Investors in People company and, in 2015, we were honoured with the Queens Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

We’re a trusted partner to clients across many different sectors, and we work worldwide from our HQ in the UK and offices in Abu Dhabi, Norway and South Africa.

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United Kingdom

Prometheus Medical UK is a leading supplier of elite medical consultancy and emergency medical training courses for a broad global audience. Our specialist team has expertise in providing medical support under the most challenging and unique circumstances. Our in-depth knowledge, experience and credibility within emergency medicine and the military environment means that we can offer our clients the best solution to their needs, from consultancy and strategic advice to the latest medical equipment and medical training.

Whatever your sector, whatever service you are looking for, our internationally respected medical consultants can provide you with cutting-edge advice tailored to your exact requirements. Our medical training is delivered by clinically accredited instructors whose abilities range from delivering emergency first aid courses for the layperson, teaching advanced techniques to the medical professional, and being recognised and approved by professional and academic bodies.

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United Arab Emirates

Our Prometheus Medical Global MENA headquarters are UAE-based with an established track record in knowledge transfer, capability development and innovation in emergency medicine for first responders. The team comprises internationally respected clinical experts with seasoned expertise in civilian and military incident management at strategic, tactical and operational levels and spanning urban and remote settings.

To date, the MENA operation has trained circa 100,000 students at all levels of incident management, emergency medicine, and tactical care. We have a unique depth of understanding of what it takes to operate safely and effectively within the complex dynamics of a major incident, whether it is a natural disaster, major chemical incident or a terrorist incident.



Our Nordic location offers various types of training from high-end realistic trauma training, ultrasound courses, advanced resuscitation workshops, haemorrhage control training to trauma simulation make-up courses, thanks to an in-house multidisciplinary instructor team. Physician-led, our team includes doctors with experience in anesthesiology, cardiology, general medicine and pre-hospital trauma care. We specialise in ultrasound, with our sonographer, an anesthesiologist with a PhD in thorax trauma, and a practising cardiology doctor.

Along with a group of active nurses and paramedics as instructors with backgrounds spanning air ambulance crew, armed forces, emergency ambulance service, offshore healthcare and A&E hospital. This phenomenally skilled group allows us to provide world-class training and consultancy to any customer, from any environment and with any scope of practice.

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South Africa

Prometheus Medical Global maintains a permanent presence on the African continent to ensure that we are readily available and accessible to our clients on the continent and able to support multi-national organisations with a presence in Africa. Our local African team on the ground has experience working across Sub-Saharan Africa and have a deep understanding of the intricacies and challenges that often typify the environments within which our clients operate.

Our local knowledge combined with our globally recognised team of clinicians, instructors and support staff make us a leading supplier of specialist medical training, consultancy, and support on the African continent.