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Prometheus Medical Global, part of Safeguard Medical, provide world-class medical consultancy, services, training and equipment. We tailor our support to each unique set of business needs, from essential kit and workplace training to deployed medics and remote support. Our purpose is to empower people to save lives. Our mission, to equip and enable first responders at any level to preserve life in any environment. We’re a trusted partner to clients across many different sectors, and we work worldwide from our HQ in the UK and offices in Abu Dhabi, Norway and South Africa.

Community & Business


Prometheus Medical training focuses on emergency preparedness. Tactical casualty care courses can be a bonding experience that adds value and an overall sense of gratitude. Peace of mind is priceless, and we believe that with greater training accessibility, the public can have confidence during a medical emergency. Whether it's schools, local businesses, or any public venue, you expect a certain level of safety and comfort; community and those we chose to surround ourselves with mean everything. We are dedicated to supplying people with the knowledge and power to save lives no matter their

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Business & Industry

In the face of adversity, we are only as strong as the members of our team. Mental health and workplace stress is a matter that has gained importance over the years. Prometheus Medical is committed to instilling confidence and empowering people with skills that apply beyond the workplace and have a lasting effect on their community and home. The highest quality training courses expertly delivered by professional instructors will deliver a hands-on experience that will leave a lasting impression. 

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Emergency Services

Emergency medical responders are fundamental to the public health and safety of the communities they serve. Prometheus Medical's expertise and industry know-how is the next step towards improving clinical outcomes after emergency medical treatment. Concert halls, sporting events, and festivals gatherings are just some of the most crowded environments where emergency services are required. Prometheus Medical works for first responders and customises tools and training based on customer needs. Responding to emergency scenarios is never a clear-cut job, that is why we aim to simplify the medical

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As an industry, the energy sector faces some of the strictest and most heavily governed safety regulations. With both onshore and offshore platforms offering extreme remote working environments, the increased risk to staff and contractors and their safety remains at the forefront of any duty of care and the overall goal of protecting people. With great power comes great responsibility and dedication to safety measures that meet or exceed their environment. Energy production facilities and their resources often operate in high-risk conditions that vary based on the energy source. Prometheus

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Prometheus Medical has extensive experience providing tailored medical solutions in high-risk, volatile settings with increased health risk. We support maritime industries in their emergency preparedness with uniquely customised services based on operations. Whether it is commercial or private business, we are committed to providing the highest quality resources available to address traumatic incidents specific to the maritime industry. Our experts ensure a bespoke and dependable service is provided, allowing your business to excel in meeting industry standards, mitigate risk and ultimately

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Military Equipment

Security & Defence

Private security for notable clientele or assets involves extensive training and discretion. Prometheus Medical is experienced in assessing the medical needs of its customers and customising training to those needs. Whether the environment is stationary or dynamic, based on the extent of your security operations, we can enhance your team's safety with best-in-class training. Whether it is responding to a threat or a victim, we aim to optimise medical readiness across today's complex range of tactical scenarios. As a company, we are committed to tailoring training measures that fit law

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Travel, work and play can take our clients to any number of locations and environments, where quality medical care may be difficult or impossible to access. A Prometheus Medical deployed medic provides a high level of skill, knowledge and capability relevant to your environment when domestic help may not be immediately available. Our private clients count on us for world-class medical support. Provision is tailored to each case, its context and environment. We design, implement and support bespoke, comprehensive packages to address specific medical challenges.

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