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VIPER Refresher Course

Course Overview

The three-day VIPER™ Course provides the emergency responder with an enhanced level of medical capability to deal with a casualty in a trauma or a medical emergency.  The course focuses on the provision of effective trauma management in all environments particularly in a hostile or tactical environment.  Training is ideal for those working in VIP protection, close protection, private security and specialist agencies (e.g. Diplomatic Protection).


The VIPER™ Refresher Course is a three-day course designed for students wishing to renew their VIPER.

Entry Criteria

Previous attendance on VIPER course within the last 3 years. 

Course Content

As with all Prometheus courses, the emphasis is on short lectures, high instructor to student ratios, supervised practical skill sessions, and scenario-based moulages.  This course covers all of the competencies required for certification as well as training in tactical medical support and a systematic approach to the management of trauma.  The syllabus includes: 

  • Tactical medical support
  • Trauma management
  • Novel haemostatic agent workshop
  • Airway management
  • Adult Basic Life Support & AED
  • Disability (Head Injuries)
  • Minor illness & injury
  • Medical emergencies            
  • Basic medical planning
  • Extensive scenario-based practical skills training    


Three days.


At Prometheus residential training facility in Hope-under-Dinmore, Herefordshire.  Bespoke courses also available at a requested venue convenient to you.

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