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Surviving Adventure Course Feedback

“The staff were excellent! Very knowledgeable, able and professional. Kate and Tom were superb!”

Surviving Adventure Course 17-18 March 2016

Overall Course Rating: 4.8 out of 5

“Fantastic instruction!”

“Above and beyond.”

“It exceeded them - the instructors ability to read the room and adapt the teachings to the skill level were fantastic.”


Surviving Adventure Course 10-11 October 2015

Overall Course Rating: 4.4 out of 5

“Thank you, brilliant course, much more confident now.”

“The staff were excellent! Very knowledgeable, able and professional. Kate and Tom were superb!”

“Great course - very insightful, fantastic, motivated, enthusiastic trainers.”

“A great learning experience!!”


Surviving Adventure Course 28-29 July 2015

Overall Course Rating: 4.6 out of 5

“Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.”

“Equipment was really good.”

“Exceeded expectations.”

“Brilliant and interesting trainers!! Thank you!”

“Could be very useful in future.”


Surviving Adventure Course 6 - 7 January 2014

Overall Course Rating: 4.9 out of 5

“Very well thought out course ran in very life like situations.”

“Excellent course. Excellent instructors.”

“Great Course!!”

“Great course, great instructors. A very refreshing way of delivering the course.”

“A very enjoyable course.”


Follow That Fire Engine

Referring to the training received on Surviving Adventure March 2010, and putting that training into action following a road traffic accident on the Latvia/Russia border during their round the world expedition - "The mental impact of the accident hit home as we set up camp in our car park for the night. I could see the complete shock and fear on all of our faces. I personally was so proud of Steve, Ross, George and Ben. We all pulled together as a team in a moment of crisis and performed professionally. ... And to Dr Malcolm Russell and the Prometheus team in Hereford, a huge thank you. Your time, training, equipment and ability was vital to us."  To read more about their experiences and about their trip click here.

"A fantastic course, wonderful instructors, very enjoyable and never stopped learning all weekend" - 14 Mar 2010

"Fantastic.  Great Fun.  Very cheerful.  Hugely informative and brilliant method of teaching - many thanks" - 14 Mar 2010

"The most informative, relevant and structured first aid training you could hope for.  Would recommend to anybody" - 14 Mar 2010

"One of the best, if not the best, course I've ever been on" - 14 Mar 2010

"The course was so good - it was brilliant to get such ands-on experience.  Really helps you remember what to do.  Such good actors!" - 14 Mar 2010

"The realism of the injuries was brilliant and the variation of scenarios great.  All instructors were amazing" - 14 Mar 2010


Mike Copnall

"A must for anyone heading off into the unknown - highly recommended"


Nick Farnhill - The Mongol Derby

"Recommended by The Adventurists team and developed by 'elite medical professionals', it seemed a wise course to sign up for considering I know little more than putting on a water proof plaster and opening a paracetamol bottle. Not now though - I can add major head trauma's, first degree burns, compound and skin-breaking bone fractures, punctured lungs and general life support to my now extensive medical CV."

The Mongol Derby - On 22 August in the year 2009 twenty-five courageous riders will mount their steeds amidst the ruins of the Great Khan's ancient capital Kharkhorin, to face a gruelling 1000 km race across the empty wilderness of Mongolia. This will be no ordinary horse race. The Mongol Derby is not a test of the horse's speed, but the rider's skill, endurance and the toughness of the skin between their legs. And by Jove will it put that to the test...Find out more about The Mongol Derby and The Adventurists at http://theadventurists.com


The Independent Newspaper

"Surviving Adventure is based around a series of "moulages" - scenarios where instructors take the part of victims, complete with convincing props, vocal performances and buckets and buckets of artificial blood. There's little warning about when casualties might appear or what injuries to expect, although rest assured you'll get plenty of opportunities to apply dressings, take pulses and even use some more esoteric bits of medical equipment."

(The Independent, Saturday 26 April 2008)


Surviving Adventure Course 27 - 28 October 12
Overall Course Rating: 10 out of 10

"Fantastic instruction." (Student)

"All sessions were very useful and relevant." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 28 - 29 April 12
Overall Course Rating: 9.9 out of 10

"Totally awesome, amazing experience. Never done anything like it before! It's a great team building exercise." (Student)

"The instructors were really knowledgeable, helpful and I felt comfortable asking questions." (Student)

"Thank you! Excellent, most relevant and current first aid course to date. Thoroughly worthwhile and great value." (Student)

"A really enjoyable course. The instructors brought lots of useful personal experiences with them to highlight the use of the skills we learn." (Student)

"Fantastic hands-on course with instructions that actually went in." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 3 - 4 April 12
Overall Course Rating: 10 out of 10

"The practical exercises were fantastic! A really great way to learn." (Student)

"All of the sessions were extremely useful and a great way to learn." (Student)

"The course had good structure, excellent instructors with excellent teaching styles and well focussed content." (Student) 

"Great structure; the practical demo followed by an explanation worked really well." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 5 - 6 November 11
Overall Course Rating: 9.9 out of 10

"If I said the course was absolutely brilliant, it would be the understatement of the century! A thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and rewarding weekend. Learned so, so much. Everything was absolutely first class: The instructors, the balance of theory/practical, the setting, equipment, accommodation and other students were all excellent. Thank you so much for an amazing weekend." (Student)

"Life changing and probably couldn't improve on the staff, format, facility and content: Amazing!" (Student)

"Absolutely fantastic, outstanding, brilliant - could run out of superlatives - throroughly enjoyable, useful + informative - now feel much better prepared for Mongol Rally + other adventures." (Student)

"Had been assured it was the best, wasn't convinced, am now! This is easily the best 1st aid course I have ever been on." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 27 - 28 September 11
Overall Course Rating: 10 out of 10

"The method of tuition was excellent. This coupled with the passing on of experience from the instructors helped understanding considerably. There are many courses I have liked but few I have really enjoyed. This course rates the best…THANK YOU!" (Student)

"Without a doubt the best course of its type that I have ever partaken in." (Student)

"Best run, managed, organised course I have ever done.  Couldn't recommend highly enough" (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 14 - 15 May 11
Overall Course Rating: 9.7 out of 10

"Really amazing, I enjoyed every aspect and I feel so much more prepared and confident for potential 'real life' situations. The method of teaching meant that everything stuck in my head and I also had a lot of fun. Would definitely recommend." (Student)

"The whole set up was fantastic, you're instructors explained and understood what and how we needed to improve. Very relevant for what we needed." (Student)

"Had a really good time, staff were fab! Great thing to prepare for this summer/life in general." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 26 - 27 March 11
Overall Course Rating: 9.8 out of 10

"This course is a must for travellers, not just adventure travellers. Comprehensively planned course in both theory and practical elements. Many thanks." (Student)

"Thank you very much for a fantastic experience, I've learnt a lot. Much better than expected! Best First Aid Coure I've ever attended, thanks." (Student)

"It was outstanding from every point of view, visual, actual, practical." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 27 - 28 November 10
Overall Course Rating: 9.7 out of 10

"The course has been absolutely fantastic, from beginning to end. It has been amazing." (Student)

"Respect to the organisation, well run, good instructors, real life experience, good value for money, good skills learnt, sound bunch." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 13 - 14 March 10
Overall Course Rating: 9.7 out of 10

"The most informative, relevant and structured first aid training you could ask for, would recommend to anybody." (Student)

"Exceeded expectations, learnt so much whilst having fun." (Student)

"Was so good - it was brilliant to get so much hands on experience. Really helps you to remember what to do." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 18 - 19 July 09
Overall Course Rating: 9.4 out of 10

"Brilliant value, I'll be searching for more courses run by Prometheus." (Student)

"Best course of my life! Would recommend it." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 11 - 12 December 08
Overall Course Rating: 9.1 out of 10

"First class course which I will take with me for the rest of my life.  The moulages were so realistic and the focus on hands on practical experience was excellent.  A real life changing 2 days." (Student)


Surviving Adventure Course 29 - 30 March 08
Overall Course Rating: 8.8 out of 10

"The teachers were great and the moulages were excellent - scarily convincing.  I definitely have come away with a better idea of what to do and less fear about finding myself in a situation where someone needs help." (Student)

"Superb experience from start to finish.  Amazing insights - lots of practical hands on.  A real survival kit in itself!" (Student)


Graham Bell of BBC's High Altitude

"When you are filming on a glacier in Patagonia 3 hours walk from the nearest refuge and a further 6 hours drive from the nearest hospital, even a relatively minor medical emergency can turn potentially life threatening.  The Prometheus Medical course teaches first aid for those situations when you can't just dial 999 and expect help to be minutes away.  By throwing you in at the deep end with all too real looking scenarios, the procedures you learn, covering a whole range of casualties, really stick in the memory."

Graham Bell treats a casualty