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MIMMS (Major Incident Medical Management and Support) Course Instructors

Mr Justin Burke-Jones
Course Director

Justin Burke-Jones was a military Combat Medical Technician for 30 years and served in the Falklands, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, Canada, and Afghanistan as well as the UK.  He has extensive knowledge of pre-hospital, primary and tertiary care delivery both on the battlefield and in barracks, becoming the first non-commissioned MIMMS instructor and course director in the British Army.  Justin has designed, planned, implemented and directed joint military and Ulster University short courses in disaster management, as well as a pre-hospital and disaster management competition for the Northern Ireland National Health Service and civilian medical organisations.  The Department of General Practice Royal Defence Medical College Birmingham have established him as a visiting lecturer in both Primary Care Management and Major Incident Management.  He has designed training courses for pre-hospital and paramedical military medical staff, as well as multi-agency major incident and disaster management practical exercises with casualties.  He has produced major incident response plans for military installations worldwide and directed medical cover for military air shows in East Anglia.  Justin currently works for West Midlands Ambulance Service as an Emergency Preparedness Manager, where he is responsible for the delivery of Major Incident training to the trusts 4500 personnel. He continues as the Standing Course Director for Military MIMMS at the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine.

Mr Tom Davies

Tom is an experienced Paramedic, who has worked for West Midlands Ambulance Service and Midland Air Ambulance for the last 9 years providing critical interventions and transport decisions, working within a developed trauma network. In 2013 Tom qualified as a Critical Care Paramedic and is responsible for the safe working environment around the helicopter and advanced care of acutely ill and injured patients. Tom has also qualified with a Post Graduate Certificate PG Cert in Pre-Hospital Critical Care.  He; he has a Diploma in Immediate Care, from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and is currently studying a Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice. He is a keen sportsman and played professional rugby for London Scottish in the premiership in 1999. Tom also has a BSc in Sports Science and worked as a diving instructor in Australia and the Caribbean for 4 years.  He acted as Safety Diver for Tanya Streeter on her 153m world record dive in 2003, where he gained his experience of working in remote locations.  

Mr Adam Watts

Adam is an Instructor for Prometheus Medical and has 19 years of experience responding to pre-hospital medical emergencies.  His experience includes 13 years in the military, with 4 years working in support of the UK’s elite military units. Adam is currently practicing as a Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) having undergone Post Graduate education and training to work in the critical care environment. He has previously worked as a Helicopter flight Paramedic, and holds a BSc qualification in Urgent and Unscheduled care.  As well as his other qualifications, Adam holds the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (Dip IMC RCS Ed) and was appointed as an examiner in 2012. He is the Paramedic representative on the Curriculum Training and Assessment Sub-committee of the Intercollegiate Board for Training in Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine.  In addition to his work in the UK, Adam has experience of teaching a variety of courses and providing medical cover in desert, arctic, temperate and jungle environments, and in rural and urban settings. Adam is also a team member for the UK International Search and Rescue (UKISAR) team.