We are thrilled to share a case study based on the feedback from our May 2024 course. This session featured four exceptional instructors with extensive outdoor medicine experience, making it a rich learning opportunity for our students.

About ExpeMed™

ExpeMed™ is the UK’s longest-running expedition medicine course for healthcare professionals. Established by Dr. Stephen Hearns in 1998, it has earned a reputation as the leading expedition medicine course in the UK. Prometheus has been the sole provider since 2008.

Expemed Course Feedback
Expemed Course Feedback
Expemed Course Feedback

Highlights from the May 2024 Course

Experienced Instructors

Our students benefitted greatly from instructors who are not only knowledgeable but also actively practising in the field. One student noted:

“The instructors had a good subject knowledge based on experience both previous and current. I always feel this is so valuable to have staff that know and do, rather than just teach.”

We appreciate this feedback as we strive to provide the most current and relevant training possible.

Expemed Course Feedback
Expemed Course Feedback
Expemed Course Feedback

Engaging Lectures and Practical Sessions

We believe in immersive learning to enhance retention. Our students particularly enjoyed the blend of classroom and outdoor sessions. One student shared:

“Expedition medicine by its nature is an outdoor activity and it was great when we could to hold sessions outside, as it added to the realism. I enjoyed the split between classroom and practical as this was engaging!”

This hands-on approach and interactive teaching made the course both educational and enjoyable.

Expemed Course Feedback
Expemed Course Feedback
Expemed Course Feedback

Comprehensive Course Content

Our holistic approach covers all essential aspects of expedition medicine. One student highlighted the importance of addressing mental attitude:

“Great to see this as part of the course, and very professionally mature, to see this included, as is so often overlooked. I feel this is a critical aspect as poor mental attitude from one individual can adversely impact the entire team.”

Seamless Experience from Start to Finish

Easy Onboarding

We aim to make the booking process smooth and straightforward. One student commented:

“The info on the portal was clear and concise, and when I contacted the Training Team, they provided everything I needed, including making arrangements for accommodation.”

Comfortable Accommodation

We offer simple, B&B-style accommodation that our students find satisfactory. As one student described:

“Clean, comfortable, functional, and affordable.”

Delicious Lunches

Our lunches receive consistent praise for their variety and quality. One student noted:

“Nice variety, catering to all types of diet. I particularly noticed the small things, like homemade coleslaw, freshly baked croissants, and pain chocolate. Nice touch.”

Expemed Course Feedback
Expemed Course Feedback
Expemed Course Feedback

Beautiful Facilities

Our setting in the Herefordshire countryside provides an ideal learning environment. Feedback included:

“Great setting which is well maintained.”


The feedback from our May 2024 course highlights the strengths of the Prometheus ExpeMed™ course. From expert instructors to engaging, hands-on learning, we strive to offer an unparalleled educational experience for aspiring expedition medics.

We look forward to welcoming future learners to our next course!

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Meet The Team | Our Expemed Instructors

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our selection of instructors, all of whom are clinically current professionals. Our team comprises practising doctors, paramedics, and nurses with extensive experience in emergency and pre-hospital care.

Prometheus Trains West Midlands Ambulance Service Trust (WMAS)

Prometheus Medical International are currently providing a number of PHTLS training courses to West Midlands Ambulance Service Trust (WMAS) Clinical Team Mentors as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Steve Backshall trains with Prometheus!

Steve Backshall trained with us on the NAEMT TECC course which teaches prehospital providers how to care for patients in a civilian tactical environment.

Medical scenarios bring training to life for students

Prometheus instructors hosted a medical scenario demonstration day for a Consultancy and Training client to showcase and demonstrate to staff how to get the best out of Medical Scenario training.

Recruiting Medical Training Instructors

Prometheus Medical has on-going opportunities for professional Medical Training Instructors in all regions of the UK.

Serve on Charity Volunteers Receive First Response Training

Serve On chose Prometheus Medical to provide the FREC 3 course on-site at our purpose-built facility in Hereford due to previous successful training courses with us.