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A Royal British Legion Silent Soldier comes to Prometheus Medical HQ

Prometheus Medical is proud to sponsor a Royal British Legion ‘Silent Soldier’. The Silent Soldier is a near to life-size silhouette of a First World War ‘Tommy’, located at Prometheus Medical Headquarters in Hope-under-Dinmore, and will be on display until December 2018.

The Silent Soldier marks the centenary end of the First World War, in honour of the British troops who came home ‘silently’ from the war as well as those who sacrificed their lives.

Anthony Charles who is a member of staff at Prometheus Medical said: “The Royal British Legion has always supported our military veterans; the Silent Soldier is a unique way to mark the centenary of the First World War and I am proud that Prometheus Medical Ltd has shown their support by sponsoring in this way”

We encourage anybody wishing to do so, to visit the Silent Soldier and pay their respects, as this is the only one throughout Herefordshire. The Soldier is placed proudly by the front door of the Prometheus offices.

Paul Cooper who is ex-military and now works for Prometheus Medical said: “As one of a small number of ex-service personnel working at Prometheus Medical Ltd, it is very much appreciated to see the company remembering those who have fallen during their military service. Every time I pass the silent soldier on my way to work I reflect on those friends and colleagues who I knew, and who sadly died doing their duty.”

Other companies or individuals can join Prometheus in remembrance by displaying their own Silent Soldier. For more information on the Silent Soldier visit the Royal British Legion website.