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Prometheus Ski Trip 2017 - Day 9

Day 9

The final day! However, when other vacationers are usually packing up, taking their skis back and just generally chilling before their airport transfer, Prometheus group 1 managed to squeeze in half a day’s skiing!

The final morning of skiing was to include two races down one of group 1's favourite red slopes! First to race was Emily vs Jamie however, to make this a fair race Malcolm implemented a time advantage for Emily meaning she would have a 2 minute head start on Jamie. This time advantage proved to be very unfair as Emily crossed the finish line a good minute infront of Jamie. Jamie then took on Shona in a head to head race down the same slope. Once again he was beat! Wasn't a great morning for Jamie, being beaten by 2 girls! 

Chalet emptied and Disco loaded, it was time for the two hosts to say goodbye to the group and start their arduous 800 mile journey home in the disco.

Thanks Chalet Kiana, it’s been EPIC!!!