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Prometheus Ski Trip 2017 - Day 4

Day 4

Into the routine and breakfast made, consumed and all taken to the slopes for the second full day. Meanwhile from the early hours of the day Malcolm, Jerry and Kev were on their way to join everyone. The followed the Prometheus/GRW route that is now well tried and tested of 0230 drive to Heathrow, flight to Geneva and then drive to Les Contamines.

Pick up and ski hire done, and a bite for lunch it was straight onto the slopes to join Team 1. 

After the slopes it was time for the bar and speeches, another epic night to try and remember.

Meanwhile the curry night was being prepared. 

Dinner and quizzes became a game of spot whose missing as people peeled away early, but a core group stayed up to see the night out and a lot of laughs later the day came to a close.