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Prometheus heads to St Gervais for their annual ski trip

It has been a remarkably busy and successful year for Prometheus. The Prometheus team has expanded significantly over the past 12 months, so when it came to our annual ski trip this meant we had outgrown our usual little chalet in Les Contamines-Montjoie. The time had come to find something larger and more suitable, and with this in mind, we decided to head to St Gervais-Les-Baines, just 20 minutes from our usual spot.  

The ski trip gives the Prometheus team time to bond away from the working environment while developing their existing skills or learning something new. It provides staff from different departments time to interact where they might not usually do so, and helps build a stronger, more cohesive team. Plus, it’s great fun!!


This year we were delighted to have Charlie and Nita as our hosts, both whom work in our stores and (luckily for us) formerly trained as chefs, so everyone knew they were going to be well looked after with some amazing meals during their stay.

The trip was split into two groups to ensure the office could continue with day to day business and to allow everyone the opportunity to socialise with different co-workers. The first group arrived on the Sunday morning, slightly sleepy from the early start, but ready and raring to go and try the new slopes, so the first day was largely spent familiarising themselves with their new surroundings.

The copious snowfall, that fell through the night, created the most amazing ski conditions and even better falling environments! Bruno, who has regularly instructed for us over the last few years in Les Contamines, followed the group to St Gervais to help teach the newbies how to ski and advise them on the best slopes to practice on. Meanwhile, the more experienced skiers explored, fell (styling it out with the odd snow angel), got back up and explored some more!


Group 2, who arrived on Wednesday afternoon, spent their time in very similar ways; also receiving lots of fresh snow each day and exploring the new slopes. They even found an area with jumps and slides to show off their skills. Everyone met up at different locations to have lunch each day and tasted a variety of lovely French dishes, with plenty of hot chocolate to keep warm.

At the end of a hard day’s skiing, the teams, who had split up according to proficiency, met up in a family run French pub where they enjoyed the après ski.  It was a great opportunity for everyone to share their stories and photos before heading back to the chalet for some delicious homemade food.  Then, with a lovely lit fire to sit around, everyone put their thinking caps on ready for the nightly quiz, which has become a regular feature of our trips. The stakes were definitely raised this year, with prizes donated from White Dot ski wear, and it became apparent the competitive spirit had increased by the level of friendly banter! There were some epic fails but also some astounding wins, and it was great to see the team connecting and laughing at some of the answers.

Everyone wanted to make the most of their final day, so it was an early start for all. With a new confidence and feeling the benefits of lots of practice, most of the team decided to stretch their abilities and head to the next level of slopes, whether this might be a trickier green or a black slope. Regardless, by the end of the day, everyone came away feeling like they had truly succeeded something, especially the newbies who all skied down the mountain, right to the bottom.


We were back in the office the next day, sharing funny anecdotes and raring to get back to work. A massive thank you to our two hosts, Nita & Charlie, for cooking, cleaning, driving and keeping us entertained. Thank you to the chalet owner for letting us take control for a week; it was a fantastic place and more information can be found on their Airbnb listing (https://abnb.me/J7ifjiKluL). Thank you also to Bruno for teaching us (for the 8th year running now) and a big thank you to Jemma for organising the trip this year.

Finally, a massive thanks to Prometheus for a great year in a new ski resort and letting us all try something new or relive something we already loved!

Au revoir France!