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Prometheus Annual Ski Trip 2018

After another industrious year for the Prometheus team it was time once again to embark on the annual ski trip. Eagerly anticipated, the opportunity to switch the desk (or stethoscope) for a pair of skis (or if we are allowed to confess, the occasional snowboard) is perfect for drawing together a continually growing international office base. Of course, it helps that the most convenient and central location happens to fall somewhere in the French Alps!!

The mountain encounter is time away for the team to develop existing skills and/or learn something new and enjoy some team-building. It also offers the different departments, especially those far-flung, to connect and interact; helping build a better, stronger and more efficient team.

Nestled in the foothills of Mont Blanc, our final destination was Les Contamines-Montjoie; a traditional French village, known for its charm, beautiful views and peaceful setting……until we get there! With the added bonus of a hot tub and sauna to rest those sore legs after a hard day’s skiing, there weren’t too many difficulties settling comfortably into the chalet, made all the more welcoming by our two dedicated hosts Sean and Shona.


Met with a remarkably sunny vista, filled with beautiful blue skies on day one, the team headed straight to the rental shop bright and early to collect ski’s and boots. We had a mixed ability group but there was something for everyone; a perfect mixture of green and blue slopes to challenge the beginners whilst plenty of exciting reds and blacks kept the more experienced skiers occupied. With plenty of lovely French cafés and restaurants, the team tried to choose a different one each day to convene in for lunch. There they relayed their adventures to each other over a tartiflette before diligently comparing personal speed records on the ski tracks app, naturally!

Revved up by all the healthy competition the newer skiers represented themselves well, embracing the unofficial challenge with conviction and determination just as if they were tackling a new project back in the office. Guided by Bruno, the legendary ski instructor hired by Prometheus each year, the plethora of falls was balanced by the amount of laughter; thankfully the powder was abundant meaning bruises were kept to a minimum. However, the hard work paid off and by the end of the trip, through sheer perseverance, the newbies were cruising down the blue, not a fall or trip to be seen. It was definitely worth a celebratory hot chocolate and ice cream at the bottom of the slope!

Meanwhile, the ‘true pros’ spent their mornings and afternoons exploring some of the slightly steeper and bumpier routes, particularly following the huge dump of snow that arrived half-way through the week.  Under some excellent guidance from our resident Mountain Guide, they did a good job of carving some super sharp lines into the fresh snow…..most of the time. Like the newbies, they weren’t without their fair share of falls though; in-fact there were some spectacular wipe-outs, unfair to mention names but thankfully we have video evidence!

After a hard day’s skiing the entire team would head to ‘the’ place to be for après ski, where everyone would share stories, photos and spend time relaxing, unwinding and nursing tired muscles before heading back to the chalet for some delicious homecooked food and a spot of friendly quizzing. Each night the group divided down into random teams to pit their wit and intellect against each other. Only room for one winner though; the majority fell flat on their face; no great shakes though since most of us had been doing that all day anyway.

Everyone wanted to make the most of the final day so it was an early start. Whilst some of the team headed to the Ludo Park to find their inner child (a slope filled with hoops, jumps and slides), others took the opportunity to more maturely consolidate new skills learned and, where courage allowed, test themselves on ‘the next level up’ be that blue or red or black. Whatever the choice, the team departed the mountain on a high and a renewed, if not altogether new, love of skiing.



It was a great week that left everyone feeling refreshed, invigorated and raring to get back to the office. The entire team had bonded over funny stories, plenty of sarcasm and some ‘very’ competitive games. A massive thank you to Sean and Shona for being amazing hosts, cooking us dinner every night, keeping us entertained and driving us around. Another massive thank you to the drivers for getting the teams kit to and from France. Thank you to Chalet Kiana; an amazing chalet that’s definitely worth mentioning (see more information at www.chaletkiana.com). Thank you to Bruno for teaching and putting up with the beginners and to Ami and SK for organising.

Finally, a big thanks to Prometheus; it’s been another great year and we’ve all had an amazing time. Until next year Les Contamines! Adieu!