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Birmingham rolls out Public Access Bleed Control Packs

Working in conjunction with The Daniel Baird Foundation, Birmingham Community Safety Partnership, and West Midlands Ambulance Service[1], today marks the launch of the Public Access Bleed Control Kit Scheme in the Birmingham City area.

Although similar schemes have become widespread in the USA, Birmingham becomes one of the first cities in the UK to pilot a public access bleed control kit scheme on such a large scale. Prometheus Medical Ltd is honoured to support the work of both the Daniel Baird Foundation and Birmingham Community Safety Partnership.

Endorsed by West Midlands Ambulance Service, the kit is compliant with British Standard BS8599-1, and contains premium equipment, already in use with various ambulance trusts and emergency responders around the UK.  Prometheus Medical Ltd has a team of expert clinicians who are used to providing specialist trauma care in both civilian and military environments.  

Prometheus Medical’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Malcolm Russell MBE, said “The equipment put in these packs has been chosen by Prometheus as the best kit currently available, and is carried on many front-line ambulances across the UK.  Quick thinking, quick action, and basic techniques applied correctly, are the key elements to saving a life in these circumstances.  We hope that these kits will allow people to do that.”

Simple instructions are included to give members of the public the confidence to use the kit in an emergency.  The kits will be distributed initially to twenty-four pubs, clubs and businesses in the city and will be supported by free training sessions and product support.

The Daniel Baird Foundation was set up following the tragic death of Daniel, aged 26 years, who was stabbed following a night out with friends.  As well as the roll-out of public access bleeding control packs, the Foundation also campaigns for first aid training to incorporate catastrophic bleeding control and towards ensuring that advanced first aid is on the curriculum in all educational establishments.  Prometheus is very proud to support this important initiative and, for every pack sold, will donate £5 to the Daniel Baird Foundation.

For more information please email enquiries@prometheusmed.com

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[1] West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust