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Prometheus will be exhibiting at the following conferences and we would love to see you there!  Alternatively, members of our team will also speak at the events below.

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Aeromedical
27th Jun 2018
Sniper Symposium
12th Sep - 13th Sep 2018
Emergency Services Show (ESS)
19th Sep - 20th Sep 2018
HADR Medical Specialist Interest Group
18th Oct 2018
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC)
22nd Oct - 24th Oct 2018
Pheonix, Arizona
Tri-Service Paramedic
25th Oct - 26th Oct 2018
Whittington Barracks Lichfield
12th Nov - 15th Nov 2018
Düsseldorf, Germany
International Disaster Response Expo
28th Nov - 29th Nov 2018
Olympia London
EMS Today
20th Feb - 22nd Feb 2019
Maryland, US
28th Mar 2019
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
5th May - 9th May 2019
Charlotte, NC
15th May - 17th May 2019
Fulda, Germany
DSEI 2019
10th Sep - 13th Sep 2019
Emergency Services Show
18th Sep - 19th Sep 2019
NEC, Birmingham

Dr Malcolm Russell, Prof. Charles Deakin, Dr Alastair Nicol, Prof. Richard Lyon and Dr Mamoun Abu-Habsa are regularly invited to speak at medical and specialist conferences: 

Recent and future talks by Dr Russell include:

  • Nov 2016 - Brain Injury Technologies Think (BITT) Tank, London - The Challenge of Managing Head Injury at the Roadside: Where Do We Need Help?
  • 22 Sept 2016 - Emergency Services Show, NEC, Birmingham - 'Intraosseous Infusion'
  • 8 Oct 2015 - Institute of Remote Health Care, 'Case Studies in Prolonged Field Care'
  • 29th July 2015 - Young Farmers Association, Dilwyn - 'Disaster Relief Operation Following the Earthquake in Nepal
  • 27th July 2015 - Jersey General Hospital - 'Advances in Pre-hospital Emergency Care'
  • 21 July 2015 - Kent Surry Sussex Air Ambulance Brain Injury Conference
  • Mar 2015 - South West London & Surrey Trauma Network Conference, 'Thoracic Trauma'

Recent and future talks by Prof. Deakin include:

  • Apr 2016 - New Zealand Resuscitation Council, Auckland - Advanced Airways in Cardiac Arrest
  • Feb 2016 - Royal College of Anaesthetists, London - Update on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, recent Advances in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Management
  • Dec 2015 - Cardiac Arrest Symposium, London - Adrenaline in Cardiac Arrest: Friend or Foe? 
  • Dec 2015 - Cardiac Arrest Symposium, London - European Resuscitation Council guidelines update

 Recent and future talks by Dr Nicol include:

  • 12 Oct 2016 - Civilian Doctors Conference 2016, London - 'Concussion - Implementing the guidelines'
  • 21 July 15 - Kent Surrey and Sussex Brain Injury Conference, 'Elite Sport and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury'
  • 19 June 2014 - Advancing Excellence in Healthcare 2014, 'Military rehabilitation and prosthetics in sport'
  • July 2014 - International Triennial Conference of the RCPS(Glasgow), 'Updates in Military Medicine'
  • 21 May 13 - Scottish Sport and Exercise Medicine Symposium, 'Rehabilitation challenges in the military'
  • 16 Mar 11 - London Sport and Exercise Medicine Conference, 'Experiences of a New Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine'

Recent and future talks by Prof. Lyon include:

  • Sept 2017 - Surrey University - 'Surviving Sudden Death: Lessons from the Emergency Medicine Frontline'
  • March 2017 - Irish National Community First Responder Conference, Westmeath, Ireland - 'Making the luck of the Irish - surviving cardiac arrest'
  • Feb 2017 - Scotland's Pre-Hospital Emergency Critical Care Joint Clinical Governance Day, Edinburgh - 'Current Research in Pre-Hospital Medicine'
  • Dec 2016 - Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine 2016 (ESEM16) Conference, UAE - Life-saving Prehospital Trauma Interventions on the Battlefield
  • 2016 - Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Service Conference - 'HEMS – state of the Art'
  • 2016 - Sussex Trauma Network - 'The UK response to the 2015 Nepal Earthquake'
  • 2016 - EMS2016 Copenhagen - 'Mechanical CPR for transport'
  • 2016 - SMACC Dublin - 'Pre-hospital transfusion – are packed red cells enough?'

Recent and future talks by Dr Abu-Habsa include:

  • Dec 2016 - Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine 2016 (ESEM16) Conference, UAE - Civilian vs Military EMS: Sharing International Best Practice
  • 9 Nov 2016 - Keynote lecture hosted by the Ministry of Interior Qatar - National emergency preparedness 
  • 15 Mar 2016 - The International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Brussels - Evalution of patients with suspected subarachnoid haemorrhage and negative ct imaging
  • 28 Oct 2015 - Infomed Research International Resuscitation Symposium - Quantitive resuscitation strategies and novel therapy in cardiac arrest patients
  • 9 Oct 2015 - Royal Society of Medicine Clinical Excellence Lecture Series - Research on supporting cardiac arrest patients with ECMO (external mechanical heart) in the emergency department and the field
  • 24 May 2015 - Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services Advanced Resuscitation Skills Symposium - Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound in the field and the first such application of Ultrasound by EMS within the entire MENA region