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Corporate Responsibility

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Prometheus Medical to maintain a Quality Control and Assurance System that conforms to the International Quality Management Systems Standard ISO9001:2015.

The objective of our Quality Management System is to provide Customer Satisfaction by providing services and products in a manner, which is equal to, or exceeds, the agreed customer requirements and which is provided on time, with the ultimate aim of supplying a defect free service or product.

The concept of ever improving quality is also fully embraced by Prometheus Medical, whose management recognises that the Quality Management Systems embodied form only a base on which more comprehensive quality aims can be built. A major feature of the company’s commitment to quality is to engender an understanding by each employee that their personal input and efforts to achieve a Defect Free Service, that is competitively priced, delivered on time and in compliance with current legislation is vital to the company and the future prosperity of them all.

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Investors in People Policy

We believe that our staff are a key factor to Prometheus’ growth and success. We have worked hard over the years to promote a culture of mutual respect, responsibility and personal development; therefore, it is our policy to show commitment to promoting this culture to all of our staff.

We demostrate this commitment through our Investors in People award. The Investors in People Standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results. It is a benchmark for best practice that recognises our commitment to developing our people. The Standard covers everything from business planning and leadership, to management effectiveness and performance measurement.

Environmental Statement

Having delivered medical support services in some of the world’s most remote and isolated environments, we have experienced first-hand the vulnerability and fragility of our natural environment.

Health in the hostile environment is our core business. We feel the same way about our climate - without careful management, the very planet We live on will become increasingly hazardous to us all.

As a company, we are thus committed to:
  • Trying not to use energy, whether this means not switching on a light, or avoiding flights abroad wherever possible
  • Using the lowest energy options - whether this means low energy light bulbs or, where practical, using a bus or train rather than a car, cycling to work, or vehicle sharing
  • Switching to a green energy provider
  • Buying locally where we can
  • Selecting supply chains and partners with the same ethos of corporate social responsibility
  • Supporting others in reducing their use of fossil fuels and their production of greenhouse gases
  • Minimising waste and recycling as much of it as we can.

In order to mitigate the environmental impact of the use of the raw materials, manufacturing process, storage, transportation and disposal, Prometheus has a number of measures in place. We strive to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. We strive to prevent adverse environmental impacts by reducing wastes and emissions and by promoting energy efficiency and resource conservation. Prometheus’ management make environmental responsiveness and resource conservation an integral part of business management, and support finding sound solutions to environmental concerns as they may arise.

In order to mitigate the environmental impact of transportation, we order sufficient quantities of stock to minimise mileage and utilise, where feasible, transportation partners with ISO 140001 certification to ensure their own commitment to environmental management standards.

In all aspects of its business, we aim to select supply chains and partners with the same ethos of corporate social responsibility. Where possible, we endeavour to source suppliers that are accredited to ISO 14000 environmental management standards to minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment.

Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

We recognised that we must integrate our business values and activities with our customers, regulators, employees, suppliers, community and the environment.  As such, we strive to build and maintain a reputation as a responsible business and will be open and honest in communicating our strategies, targets, how we perform and our governance.

The Managing Director is responsible for the implementation of Prometheus’ Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and is committed to making available the resources to realise our corporate responsibility. We effectively manage risk to ensure high performance and the sustainability of our business. 

Where possible we reduce our waste and emissions and use our resources as efficiently as possible. We strive to improve our environmental performance by partnering suppliers who also implement sustainable development and environmental policies. 

We deal responsibly and fairly with our customers and suppliers, ensuring that our terms and conditions are clearly set out, and encourage our suppliers to adopt responsible business practices and policies. We operate a transparent complaints procedure and will react positively and proactively when required.

We operate an equality and diversity policy for all of our current and future employees, offer fair employment terms and provide the resources to allow their continual development.  We provide a working environment that is clean, safe and healthy, that is free from sexual, physical and mental harassment.

Wherever we can, we source locally but we recognise that our community is not restricted to UK shores and that we operate on a national and international platform.  Where possible, we use our skills to benefit the local and wider community.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Prometheus Medical fully accepts its obligations to operate in accordance with all current legislation and codes of practise that relate to health and safety.

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Labour Standards Assurance Scheme

We recognise the importance of establishing a comprehensive system of minimum labour standards to promote understanding and awareness of employment laws and ethical standards across the business.

The company acknowledges its obligations towards its employees, stakeholders and the communities in which it works and has introduced a policy in relation to labour standards. The policy is relevant to the Company itself, its contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, freelancers, members of the public and other parties engaged with the Company’s business. 


Living Wage Policy

As an ‘Investors in People’ company, we recognise that our staff are a key factor in Prometheus’ growth and success. In addition to promoting a culture of mutual respect, responsibility and personal development, we believe that a fair rate of pay is intrinsic to this.

In March 2016, Prometheus adopted the Living Wage for all staff aged over 18 years employed on our premises and we signed up to the Living Wage Recognition Scheme. This rate is set by the Living Wage Foundation on an annual basis in line with the cost of living and will be implemented as soon as possible afterwards and within 6 months of notification. This rate does not apply to staff employed outside of the UK and, currently, will not apply to apprentices or interns who are on temporary, developmental placements.

As well as our own staff, our policy for Living Wage extends to any third party contracted staff regularly delivering service on our premises. This commitment will be communicated to all contractors and the requirement will form part of all third-party contracts in the future.